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Aug 13 2017, 02:24 PM
Link to board is here.

What's happening is, if you hover over to click on the user name, you can't click on it. I encountered this problem after solving the issue in regards to the bottom reply/new topic posts being unable to be clicked. Once I solved that, it began to prevent the user name and the audio player from being interacted with.

The only way I could get them to work again is by using pointer-events: none within the css area for the body of the post. That enables the above links to have interaction, but causes the edit/quote/report buttons to be non-functional.

I fixed that at one point, but it then lead to the bottom buttons to lose interaction, creating a cycle of me adjusting and then going in to look for what's wrong.

Also, there's a bunch of stuff visually wrong or broken on the board because a lot of functions and html was moved to webpages on my main board and have no bearing on the issue as the issue exists on my main board and the test board. The test board was only used because the skin is currently hidden on the primary board.



Mar 9 2017, 10:48 PM

I have a few members who're reporting that they're not getting their alerts after getting tagged in posts or for their post subscriptions. I've tested it myself and can't seem to get any alerts aside from emails as well.

Any help would be appreciated.
Dec 29 2016, 05:34 PM

I've had some people come along recently and attempt to make accounts, and find themselves unable because the functions are blocked out by the skin. Of course, if you use the browser to strip out all theming, you can see the core functions; but not with the skin applied, as shown here.

I'm sure the fix is simple, but since I'm just a guy walking blind in a cave full of needles, I have no idea how to correct this.
Dec 2 2016, 09:36 PM
I've been testing a skin on my test board and just now migrated it over to the board it's possibly destined for to see how it'd look with actual subforums and relevant content, but the wrapper breaks in half toward the middle for some reason.

Nothing was changed html/css wise when I moved one to the other, and the HTML templates are exactly as they are on the test forum.

I do know that removing the Forum Row template corrects the issue at the expense of the custom styled content, but I can't narrow things down any further than that.

Test board:

Main board:

I even tested it on another forum entirely -- -- and it split there, too.

I did just convert the cfs structure to fit the html templates on the test board before I moved the skin over to the main one, but I don't think that would've broken things on one board but not the other.
Nov 27 2016, 02:30 AM
I'm suffering from the same issue as the previous thread--confused as to why it got closed before I got a chance to reply but that's cool lol--and got the code installed based on the instructions.

And like the other person who posted in my thread, when the code is installed, the alert menu bounces back closed and immediately shifts over to the alerts page versus keeping the dropdown open.

It's happening to both of the same boards as before.

I set up a test account on both boards:
Name: Tester
Password: tester
Name: Test
Password: tester
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