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Apr 8 2017, 03:08 PM

Why would I be unable to register a new forum?

This is the screen I get.
ETA: I can't use the edit button, on here either. I'm using Chrome and it seems to be a chrome issue, because I've pulled it up in safari just fine. Is there any reason for this? I've got flash updated, cleared my browsing data, updated chrome and still have no idea.
Mar 26 2017, 08:27 PM
John or anyone really,

I'm trying to target the buttons (the amend profile, verify age, etc type buttons) in the pformstrip and have them centered, but I want the text that sits there (your headers when you make a post, for example) to be aligned to the left.

Help a girl out and tell me how to target those buttons but not the text?
I forgot my link:
Mar 18 2017, 11:05 PM
John, or any one else who might be able to help... i've got a weird one for you.

I've installed the quick edit the way that you've got it in the wiki on one site in which it works fine. However, the one that i'm currently skinning... I don't know what i did. It works...but pressing edit makes it as wide as my inner wrapper, and saving the changes "erases" my whole post template. is the link.

My post row template code:

<div id="b-<!-- |g_id| -->">
<div id="pid_<!-- |pid| -->">
<a name='entry<!-- |pid| -->'></a>
<div class="p-top">
<div class="p-gif1"><div class="p-gif2"><img src="<!-- |field_2| -->"></div></div>
<div class="p-name"><!-- |name| --></div>
<div class="p-sin"><!-- |field_4| --> years old // <!-- |field_6| --> // <!-- |field_7| --> // face claim: <!-- |field_16| --></div>
<div class="p-bar"><div class="p-link"><a href="<!-- |permalink| -->" title="direct link"><!-- |post_date| --></a></div><!-- |report_link| --> <!-- |delete_button| --> <!-- |edit_button| --> <!-- |quote_button| --></div>
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" cellmargin="0"><td><div class="p-posta"><!-- THE POST <!-- |pid| --> --><div class='postcolor'><!-- |post| --></div><!-- THE POST --></div><div class="p-strip"><div class="p-chbx"><!-- |mod_checkbox| --></div><!-- |ip_address| --></div></td><td valign="top" style="border-right: 1px solid #eee; border-top: 1px solid #eee;"><div class="p-mps"><div style="margin-left: 9px; margin-top: 10px;"><!-- |mini_profile| --></div></div></td></table>
<div class="p-bottom"><table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" cellmargin="0"><td><div class="p-mess"><span class="typcn typcn-mail"></span></div></td></table></div>
<div class="p-border"><div class="p-border2"></div></div>

Refreshing the page does fix the issue, btw.
Jan 30 2017, 02:39 AM

the site link is

We've had this issue pop up upon occasion, but a couple of our members cannot edit their posts. They hit the edit button and nothing happens. They get a lil loading bar in the left hand corner that says "javascript:void(0)".

We have not changed any settings and everything is working fine for us as admins... do you have any clue as to what this could be? They are using Chrome. They are unable to edit on any account they have using chrome.

One member who had this problem was able to get around it by using Safari. Which is fine, but I don't want to force those people to use a different browser. Help? Image is to show you what they see.
Nov 12 2016, 05:28 PM
So, this is really more of a general question than a support one, but I want to add a link to tracked topics in my userlinks section for my members who use that as a way to track their threads.


That is the tail end of the url... What I want to know is if that 26 the member id? or what is it? Cause I want it to link to the logged in member's tracked posts, not mine.

Thanks for you help!