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Mar 27 2018, 11:16 PM
I just opened a new jcink forum, this isn't my first go-round with it, but it is the first time I've ever had this issue.

whenever I check the box beside a thread and attempt to use any of the moderation options in the drop down menu (i.e. pin, unpin, move, delete, etc) it leads me to a page where it says:

"You didn't select any posts, or the posts you selected are not queued.

Please ensure you check at least one box and that the posts are moderation queued before continuing."

It doesn't matter where the thread is, what forum it's in, where it is on the board, or anything of the sort. now I'm the only account on the board, it is the root admin account, and I haven't changed any permissions on the usergrooup in any way. I have no clue how to fix this.
Jul 24 2017, 11:33 PM
So I was thinking that it'd be pretty useful to allow members to have some page or something where they can access their existing awards and tick a box where it is visible in their mini profile, or not. So they can, say, make old OTM or contest winnings invisible, but show a specific new award.

I legit have no clue how hard this would be to impliment, but it seems like something that could come in handy, since at the moment an admin would have to individually hide awards for each member who prefers it here and there. Making it so an admin can turn this option on and off would keep other forum owners who DON'T want this function from having to use it, and those of us who would prefer to give members this option an ability to turn it on?
Jun 27 2017, 05:24 PM
I got such an amazing reply to my previous coding question that I figured I would ask here, too.

So here's what I'm hoping I can do. I'd love to be able to take the Member of the Moment that is usually attached to the portal page and relocate it to another section of my board so that I don't have to have a whole portal page just to utilize this particular widget. Ideally I would ALSO like to embed the calender option that shows up on the portal somewhere else.

What I mean is if I want the shoutbox to be somewhere I just put <% DSHOUTBOX %> Is this the same for, say, the blocks on the portal?

Jun 23 2017, 12:45 AM
Hey guys. I'm currently helping tweak a bit of coding (with the permission of the original creator and credits intact, so don't you worry your pretty little heads about this portion). What I've currently been asked to find out is if there is a way to simply change the background color of every other thread title.

So currently what I have is this:

For instance what I'd like is:

Thread one: black
Thread two: white
Thread three: black
thread four: white

So on and so forth. No actually those background colors, but you get my gist. Is there a code for editing this, or is this just not something that can happen? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there's a quick code snippet I can input that will just alternate the thread background colors. Lol


There's one more issue here...there is no checkbox for the admin or mods to do mass moderation on the topics. Instead you have to edit the thread and moderate from within via a drop down menu. I'm driving myself bonkers trying to figure out how come it's not showing up on this skin. I asked the creator and they don't seem to know how to fix it. o.o;
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Jun 27 2017, 11:39 PM

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