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 "Not Secure" - Google Chrome Notice
Update: We've started HTTPS trials. Please see here.


Google Chrome has recently rolled out Chrome v56. The significance of this release is as follows:

Starting January 2017, Chrome 56 will label HTTP pages with password or credit card form fields as 'not secure,' given their particularly sensitive nature

Therefore, the Admin CP and and anywhere on your forum that might include a password form (such as the log-in page, quick login) will display a "Not Secure" notice in the address bar.

This does NOT mean:
  • Your board can be "hacked" or exploited at the software level.
  • Your credit card details will be stolen (we don't even store or process credit cards - not even for Premium!).
  • Your password will, most certainly, be stolen by the Boogie man or Troll who lives under the bridge.
What it does mean is that if you don't trust the connection between yourself and your internet provider, you should exercise caution about logging in. This has always been the case in the past 10+ years the service has been around. Generally speaking, if you're not using sleazy public wifi, you are going to be just fine as you always have been.

HTTPS (secure) support is on our list of priorities, however, as it would still add a good benefit to the forums to encrypt everything. Unfortunately, it will not likely be fully ready this year. We have thousands of forums, and will have to do proper testing and implementation -- domain owners will absolutely not be able to take advantage of it right away either, since each domain name will require its own individual certificate. So, SSL is not just a "switch" that we can turn on and off with ease. The internet, is indeed being 'pushed' toward all-SSL whether the data on the website is required to be confidential or not. We are aware, it is in the works, it will just take time.

We hope this helps to clarify this message that some of you are seeing, and as always, thanks for your continued support.


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