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 Edit Profile Info Categories
Being someone that likes to be overly organized, I love categories for everything. On the current Edit Profile Info in the UCP, the page automatically categorizes "REQUIRED" separately from "This section is optional". Different table, different pformstrip header.

The request: Would it be possible for us to make our own Profile Info categories? I would love having "REQUIRED" along with "Out of Character Information", "In Character Information", etc. I assume this would require a LOT of work and would be a big overhaul, but the features would be super useful to most RP sites, I believe - especially those that use a LOT of Custom Fields like we do.
Yep, i agree, this would be nifty and will consider it for the future.

email: :: blog: John C.
Thanks for the incredibly quick reply, John! I'm glad you think it a useful idea and look forward to it.
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