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Sep 6 2017, 05:02 AM
So I've been working tonight on editing my board layout, largely with the aim that I don't like small targets for navigating, so I made large sections of my forum rows clickable instead of just the forum name, etc. Of course, in the same vein, the tiny +/- collapse sign (especially being invisible until you're near it) is not ideal for me.

So my goal with the Category template was to make the entire row clickable instead. (Actually, my first attempt was to figure out if I could make the categories tabbed instead of a single list with collapsible sections, based on a code I liked back on a 2010 v4 Proboards forum I was on for a while, but the way the category template works made that seem unlikely. If anyone has such a code as an alternate answer to this that'd be even more appreciated, but since my hopes aren't high moving on to the more feasible request, heh.)

So I did get the entire bar clickable at one point... but it made the entire bar disappear when clicked, too. xD Like the whole category poofed off the page. It would reappear in collapsed position upon reloading the page but... not really what I was going for, as much as it amused me.

I compromised to get only most of the bar clickable instead, and that works! Aside from a small issue, at least.

While the whole length of the bar can be clicked from a fresh page load, once clicked the category name disappears along with the clickability, and both are replaced by the + or - sign on the far left side (and the wrong one at that, although the correct bar will load when the page is refreshed).

So my question is, where and how do I edit how the collapse code behaves after that first click? How do I make the bar correctly change on click and retain the wider clickable area I put into the initial one?

-- Board Link Here
Feb 7 2013, 09:29 PM
So I'm using the IB Store on my board, and re-realized that the items are displayed in Z-A order.

After seeing it I remembered it being a thing from another board I was working on a few years ago and I don't thiiink there was a way to fix it back then. (By "fix" I mean at least display in A-Z order, though if there are ways to customize it otherwise those would be cool to know too.)

Does there happen to be a way to change it now? :X

Also, are there any mods/codes or anything that can be added to make the store settings different for different user groups? Like, could I make one group have less inventory space than another, etc?

[Edit: Also, might there be any way that I can make it so that a specific item is automatically added to every member's inventory upon sign-up?]



Unrelated, I'm using a heavily modified version of one of GMaster's skins and have been messing with the CSS for most of the past two days in getting everything on every obscure page just how I want it. I'm utterly stumped on dropdown lists, though. x_x

The page source shows them as .forminput, but that seems to be just the options, not the list itself? And said options don't seem to acknowledge background-image information whether it's an image or a web-generated gradient. (The forum jump list is a good example.)

I'd like to be apply a background image to both the obvious part and the options if possible, in order to make them more usable with the wonderful color-changing properties of the Shift-based skin.

The dropdown lists for the code buttons like font and font size are also a thing I'd like to change if possible?

I would just ask GMaster as he's been very wonderful in helping me so far, but I figured I was here anyway about the store and it might get a swifter response if I asked everyone instead of one person so yeah heh. :'3


In any case, here is a link to the board:

Username: test
Password: test
May 18 2010, 03:48 PM
Not even sure if it qualifies for support, but I'm curious. 'x3; Iunno.

Anyway, so emotes are /supposed/ to appear in uploaded order, right? And, like the skin order, etc, you can edit the content of an emote to 'change' the order by taking advantage of that, even, and stuff. So that's worked as it was supposed to on a few different boards, including my main one, where I recently finished uploading all 493 currently fully-known (omgGen5<3) Pokemon as emoticons, with all alternate forms as well. 8D So yeah. With smilies and some other things, too, I've got a good 700 emotes or so now. And they all followed the pattern.

.... Until now. After finishing all the main Pokemon emotes, I put an Egg, then all the (18 counting ???) types. The latter 18 worked normally too. .... The Egg appeared between the two forms of 123rd 'mon on the list-- WAAYY up toward the top.

.....What? Any idea what happened to make one react so randomly, then the rest go back to normal?


Again, I'm not sure this is really even support, because it's not really an 'issue' at ALL (slightly "aww" since I'd been going in order, but really, not many are gonna read through the full list in Show All anyway.. x'3); I'm just curious and wasn't sure where else to ask, heh. 'x3;
Apr 21 2010, 06:07 PM
This actually happens with a few tags I've done on occasion, but none so used or such a hassle as my Spoiler code. When I post using it, it works perfectly. However, upon editing the post, it reverts to HTML, and consequently doesn't work when resubmitted- quite a problem when the poster doesn't notice, especially given the nature and other common uses of a spoiler tag.

This is my current Spoiler tag coding: (2 Param type, obviously)
<table width="95%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="0" align="center" onclick="if(this.getElementsByTagName('td')[1].style.display == 'none'){ this.getElementsByTagName('td')[1].style.display = '';this.getElementsByTagName('td')[2].style.display = 'none'; }else{ this.getElementsByTagName('td')[1].style.display = 'none';this.getElementsByTagName('td')[2].style.display = '';}" style="cursor: pointer;"><tr><td width="80%"><span class="genmed"><center><button class="titlemedium" style="border: 2px ridge;"> <b>(PARAM1)</b></button></center></span></td></tr><tr><td><td style="font-size:12px; display: none; border: 1px solid; margin: 3px 3px 3px 3px;">(PARAM2)</td><div style='display: none;'></div></tr></table>
Apr 7 2010, 10:11 PM
Looking for a way to make a recreated selector work outside the Stats-bound one before asking, I came across [this topic] asking about reordering skins. I just wanted to make a mention for record that there is absolutely a way to do this already, as I just finished doing it with my board's 29 skins. :3

All one has to do is get a list of skins as they currently appear in the selector (their creation time order), and find or create a list in the desired order. From there, simply start at the beginning in the creation order and start manually changing the data of each set; be certain to either alter the name of a set you are about to move if it still exists before doing so or to give the new set a slightly altered name.


For example, lets say we have the skins:

JFB Default
Cloud 9
Hybrix Moonlight

We want to put them in alphabetical order. The fist skin is JFB, and we WANT the first skin to be BGS.

Option 1:
  • First, we'll edit the current BGS to "BG" or "B", so that we can tell them apart later when it's time to edit that slot.
  • Now, we edit JFB. Simply change the title to BGS, and select all three corresponding dropdowns. Submit your changes.
  • Rinse and repeat. Cloud 9 is in the right place, so leave it alone and go to Hybrix, etc.

Option 2:
  • Move straight to JFB. Change the title to "BGS (Slate + White)" or "--BGS" or the like. Select corresponding dropdowns and submit.
  • Now when we go back to the list, there is a difference between "BGS" and "--BGS". Rinse and repeat as above.


A little bit time-consuming depending on how many skins are there, and a little bit annoying to add a new skin after having reordered already (though an appropriate name chance can make it less so if feasible). But absolutely 100% doable, especially if you don't have an excessive number of skins to start. ^__^
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