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Sep 15 2017, 06:25 PM
You know how Twitter has that little blue bird and Facebook has the little blue box with the white "F". Does Jcink have an icon for itself? It'd be useful for people who are using Jcink to host their message board for their website
Aug 1 2017, 01:09 PM
Did that bug with the custom web pages (where you could make one in the admin CP and set it as your "home" page for your forum) ever get fixed? I'm helping craft a website now with Jcink and I think that custom page feature would come in a lot of handy with said site!
Jun 29 2017, 10:03 PM
Let's say you buy a domain for a website and you want to make a Jcink message board a sub-part of that domain. How would one do this? The Jcink site technically wouldn't be a domain of its own, but it would still be under the domain for the site you just bought (instead of being
May 3 2017, 01:07 PM
I just want to say that John is AMAZING for all the hard work he has put into Jcink. The customer service support is incredibly quick and John (and the rest of his team) is willing to work through tooth and nail to get you to the results you want. Premium is reasonable, and the security is very good (I think I've MAYBE seen 1-2 "hacked" Jcink boards of all the years I've been on Jcink). From many happy clients, thank you so much John for all the hard work you put into Jcink
May 3 2017, 12:48 PM
So we have fields like sexology (scientific study of sexual behaviors) and erotology (scientific study of sexual depictions in different forms of medium like film, musical lyrics, etc.). If someone wanted to make a discussion message board about this to hold informational chats, would this inherently require a Premium board?
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