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Feb 15 2018, 05:07 PM
I was showing somebody my board and decided to show her the "Guest Posts" so did a testing reply for her. I have the Prefix of "Guest_" (in ACP by Default). However, the Prefix didn't work.

Am I missing something? Not that it's a huge deal but I'm just wondering why it doesn't seem to show up. If it's not common feel free to move this to "Bug Reports".
Feb 6 2018, 01:00 AM
I don't need to worry about this atm...possibly for awhile yet but while I was in town today I thought: is it possible to actually use the same guestname as somebody else? I'm just curious, if you can actually do this it can create a lot of conflict such as impersonating somebody else or w/e.

Like I said I don't need to worry about this but am just curious about what happens if somebody uses the same guestname as somebody else. I currently have it so guests can comment on users photos.
Jan 13 2018, 01:15 AM
Again not really "Support"

How exactly does the "Point System" work? Is it based on how long a post is, or on a post in general?

Anyway, a points system is a great feature. I'm guessing its purpose is to get more members to be more active? I do know that some hosts (at least one I've used years ago) uses a similar feature but you can choose what type of Points you get. It's been years so can't really remember what that system was like.

That being said, the points system is definitely useful if admins wish to give rewards to members once they get so many points.

Anyway just curious to know how the system works
Jan 11 2018, 01:54 PM
I finally figured out how to add a custom mini-profile but have a minor issue.

I'm not sure how to change the structure similar to the default mini-profile.

The Profile on the right of this image is what I got when I copied and pasted the template from the Wiki page and would like a structure similar to the default (the left). Anyway I can do this?

Dec 29 2017, 06:52 PM
Spoiler [SOLVED]
I'd edit my last post about Pagination, but it might turn out somebody would have replied by then (Usually happens regardless of how likely it actually is to happen or not). If that's the case they'd probably miss my Edit.

I wanted to make a minor change to the Spoiler Alert. Is there a way to change the text on the Spoiler box?

IE. It currently says "SPOILER ALERT" and I sort of wanted to change it to "SPOILER ALERT - CLICK HERE" or something or other.

Awhile ago, I did have a member who read a post with a Spoiler, but had absolutely no idea what it was.

I posted a topic and added a spoiler. This member just replied "I have no idea" so would be nice to add a little text to the Spoiler Alert so you can get users (who don't know what it is) to click the Spoiler.

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