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Jul 20 2016, 09:28 PM
Figured this could turn into an issue for those who are glued to their subaccounts or people I know who might transition from Proboards to JCink.

I was wondering if anyone has the HTML (if that's possible) or know where I need to click to allow all members (probably will affect those who register after this is applied) to have their alerts have it by default inform the sub-account instead of the primary account?

I can see the convenience in having it in the primary account, but there are many who might hardly ever be on their primary and would be glued to their secondary account for long periods of time. Like, in my case, back in the day on Proboards, I would only be on my primary account once every week or so but stay in my RP accounts traditionally and liked being informed in real time instead of having to go back to my primary account.
Jul 19 2016, 03:51 PM
Some reason this appears, even though this member profile created said User Group. I can see that in the forum permissions, it's Admin only but this is also seen in my old boards. Somehow it has access to their member created forums as usual. I'm assuming it is automatic on allowing only members of said group to see and staff (otherwise the admin would have to modify in the admin panel each time someone creates a usergroup). Strangely this new board doesn't have said capability.

Curious to know if this internal problem can be fixed or pinpointed.
LINK: *solved
Jun 12 2016, 01:40 PM
For example:

Could we have avatars in this new setup for both forum "last posted by"s and in the statistics under "who's online"?

I find the forum more alive when I see actual avatars in the index page.
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