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 Custom Profile Field Moderated Approval
One thing that is starting to pick up in the roleplay scene is profile applications. For context, most roleplay forums in the past have had a thread detailing out character information and the main profile often goes under-utilized. One of the big benefits of having character information right inside of the profile is that things look nice and uniform, everything is already styled the way you want it without having to have code illiterate members figure out dohtml.

Currently, I am having members fill out their profile fields, whilst keeping the information that I don't want them to be able to freely edit behind fields that they can not edit. In a thread, I have them post these fields that require staff approval for us to look over and then we use the mod cp to change it manually.

What I would like is an option to set a custom field to a moderated approval mode, where the member writes their edits for the fields and it alerts the mod team who can give it the greenlight with a button click in the mod cp if they approve of the changes. Ideally, this would be something set per custom field as an option.

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As the staffer of a site that also utilizes profile applications, this would be beyond useful. +1, haha.

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This could possibly be neat, and definitely useful. Though I think only if it's able to have a way for a member to click to let the staff know it needs looking at for approval. As someone who inputs stuff in the profile app fields before I'm even done or 100% sure if I'm pleased with what I wrote, the staff would be getting a notification every single time someone input any WiP stuff in there if it was automatic once someone put text in that specific field. That could become irritating fast.
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