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Jun 5 2017, 01:10 PM
For some reason all of the Javascript in my header just up and stopped working.


This includes:

1. A cbox toggle that moves the rest of the board depending on the state of the toggle.
2. A code to re-route people using the wrong domain.
3. A code to auto-track most of the threads on our site.

Script in our footer includes:

1. Hiding empty sections of our profile
2. Styling our tooltips
3. Appending our recent topics feature

And those all seem to be working.

Not really sure what's up, but I'm hoping there's some sort of typo I'm not picking up on because I don't have a good grasp on Javascript. Any help would be much appreciated. This is regarding the site linked in my signature.


Changing my code to this seemed to make it work: (added that </script><script> to it)
<script>function sideToggle(){var a=document.getElementById("sidebar"),b=document.getElementById("sidebarHandle"),c=document.getElementById("wrapper");"0px""-275px","0px","0px",localStorage.setItem("sidebarState","false")):("0px","0px","0 219px 0 0px",localStorage.setItem("sidebarState","true"))}var desireddomain="";null===window.location.href.match(new RegExp("^http://"+desireddomain))&&(document.location=window.location.href.replace(/^http:\/\/.*\//i,"http://"+desireddomain+"/"))</script><script>if (typeof no_track === 'undefined') {
} else {

Do these have to be separated as such to continue functioning?
Jun 2 2017, 06:13 PM
So I have a code that allows for all threads a member interacts with to automatically be tracked and it's fantastic. We get way less problems with members forgetting threads. That being said, there is one section (the game section) that tends to just spam members with alerts, because it's always jumping. Is there a way to hide alerts from a specific forum, or a way to edit my code so that it works everywhere but a specific form? Or another code I can add to the rules section of that forum to disrupt this behavior? Is there a setting I missed that could be applied to exclude certain forums from being track-able?

I don't know much about Javascript but I believe this is the relevant part, and is currently in my site's <head> area:

May 25 2017, 08:53 PM
I've provided a screenshot and this is the link I'm looking at in case it helps explain my issue. Basically, though I've just submitted a reason for the rep change, the reason itself isn't appearing to me. I thought I might have accidentally hidden something with CSS but when I looked in the source code it doesn't seem like there's any info there to hide. I tried looking in the rep options in the ACP but I couldn't find anything. I suspect I'm just missing something right in front of my face, but any help is much appreciated.
May 20 2017, 11:11 PM
Here's my mobile site, as an example and you can see I've put my chat up there which is snazzy (I love that macro, and it's a million times better than nothing) but it would be helpful to move the chat to the bottom of the site, so that mobile users didn't have to scroll past it on every page. Having an additional macro that interjects things at the bottom (maybe directly before the copyright notice) would be extremely helpful.

Alternatively, is there some Javascript that would accomplish something similar? I tried to append it to the bottom with #boardstats as a test (since, had it worked, it would have only done so on the index, but I figured I'd work out something from there) but I couldn't get it to work. Then again, I can't rule out that it just might be that I've made some sort of mistake cause historically append and I rarely see eye to eye for some unknowable reason.
Thanks for reading.
May 19 2017, 02:11 PM
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Hey there! I run both (which is a sort of speculative fiction-esque sci-fi site) and (which is based on the podcast o the same name). Both are linked in my signature. ^^ Sorry I took so long to notice this.
Jan 7 2015, 03:52 PM
Hi there! :) Just curious as to what your forum URL is and what it's about? ^_^
Jul 23 2014, 02:58 PM
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