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Jun 17 2018, 07:56 PM
so for some reason .unreg won't pick up on my site. when i do inspect element it literally just has <span class>guest name</span> and i'm not sure what's happened or where thigns are messed up because it worked originally and we've been using the same mini template since we opened (though it did technically stop working last year when my co-admin frankencoded a new skin for us around the original one so i was sure it was her fault but i started from scratch on this one and just copied the mini stuff over from the original skin and still nothing. removing the mini coding also doesn't change anythign either.

you can see the problem [redacted]

i will say if you're viewing source i have run out of room in the css so some of it is cut off but once we settle on some colours i'll be moving some of it over to a seperate css file of things we won't need to touch on the regular.

there isn't anywhere in the mini coding to specify where the guest name goes so i'm not sure whats needed coding wise but i'll share whatever people think will help
Jun 8 2018, 09:57 PM
so i searched through a couple pages but most the things coming up are peoples board wrappers/other bits of coding so i'm hoping i didn't quit searching too soon but

i'm hoping to somehow target the .copyright, .tableborder, and .row4 divs to remove the background colours because it really doesn't match what i've got going on right now. i've tried every combination of the three that i can think of but nothing seems to work so i'm not sure what i'm missing

basically this is what i've got

and this is what i want

i'm not trying to get rid of it, or make it less visible (i think it's just as visible in the second pick despite my blurry screenshots lol) and i'm definitely not bothered by it being there, but it just makes everything look unfinished having a seemingly random grey bar across the bottom of the page.
Oct 12 2017, 11:42 PM
so idk if this should be in the bug section, but technically i can still access the file so i've put it here (feel free to move it though if i've made a mistake!)

i made a new backup today, and normally when i click on the download link (or the link in the database files section) it just downloads the file automatically.

today when i click either link it seems to open the file rather than saving it? i can only assume it's the backup file anyway, but it leaves the sidebar on the left hand side and turns the area beside it into a plain text field with all the settings and pm's and admin sessions etc

my site is

any ideas on how i can get it back to letting me download the file or what might have happened that it's stopped working?
Jul 18 2017, 12:15 PM
so over the last couple of days we've noticed that the mini profile for the default member group (id #3) that new members are in (called moving in on our board) has been disappearing. no one has touched the coding, it doesn't seem to affect other member groups and today it's not even affecting all the moving in accounts.

mini profile missing (as of 1:09pm est)

mini profile in same membergroup seems fine

last time it happened it fixed itself and loaded properly a few minutes later so i'm not sure whats going on or if there's anything that can be done to fix it but it's getting really annoying.
Jul 5 2017, 07:44 AM
so this is my site. we've recently got a new skin and over the last couple of days have noticed that if your viewing the main index, or threads that the scroll bar doesn't work, but if you're viewing search results or the online users or member lists and scroll down a little bit it seems to work.

so basically i know its not the sidebar coding because the scroll bar does work, but i'm not sure if i'm looking for something in the html templates or the css.

as far as i can tell it looks like the only thing that kind of covers it is the header image, but it's just margins and if that was it i kind of expect that scrolling down past it would work on every page so i'm out of ideas.
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