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I just want to say that John is AMAZING for all the hard work he has put into Jcink. The customer service support is incredibly quick and John (and the rest of his team) is willing to work through tooth and nail to get you to the results you want. Premium is reasonable, and the security is very good (I think I've MAYBE seen 1-2 "hacked" Jcink boards of all the years I've been on Jcink). From many happy clients, thank you so much John for all the hard work you put into Jcink

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Kumo Thank you, really appreciate that... we try really hard, and I know we're not perfect. Work is never done though and we'll always keep the service moving forward.

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I second this completely, seeing the customer support along with how nice and easy the the forum is to use, while also being complex enough for so much to be possible with it is just amazing. Because of how the service is made I've been able to learn so much about coding just by getting to be able to work on it! I've tried Zetaboard, Proboard, and something else I think, and Jcink just stole me away and I'm never going back~

So, thanks from my side of things too! I know it's probably a thankless job most of the time, but there are people who notice and greatly appreciate all the work.
I can only echo this, because I am strictly jcink now since nothing else has such amazing customer support.

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