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Aug 6 2017, 09:06 PM

I've added a pure CSS accordion ( that worked in theory but has in fact eaten several crucial buttons and input fields on the site. I can still log in to the Admin CP (I have it bookmarked), but logging in to the site itself as a user cannot be done. I have no idea yet whether the HTML part of it would work and it definitely has thrown a wrench in things.

I want to fix the code so it will at least work for me in Chrome and permit me to utilize that accordion in multiple threads for background information. I would vastly prefer not to give up the idea of using it. Is there anything I can I do to make it work together in the way I want? :| I've pretty much given up on opening the forum to the public before fall break, or at the very least after my last midterms, since there's still a lot to iron out with the codefails and browser conflicts I continue to produce.

To anyone that sees fit to take a look or lend a hand with this - I greatly appreciate your time.
Jul 12 2017, 04:13 PM
I've made progress, but of course found some aesthetic issues I don't know how to resolve. I'd like to ask for guidance.

When "no messages found" pops up after the split-second delay in the UCP, it brings this black bar with it that exceeds the bounds of the container it's in. (Same issue after the "View Topics / View Forums" clicks under the "Subscribed" heading.) I've spent some time trying to tweak things but none of it has worked yet.

Second issue came while I was pawing through the other UCP areas to see if there's anything to clean up there; the My Friends/Contacts popup seems to have a margin error or something similar, as the browser frame hides about half of the first letter.

Board link:

Although these are things that aren't visible to guests offhand, you might use the Troubleshooting login (pass 123456789) in order to see, if that's needed. Hopefully something can be resolved. I'm a pretty slow learner and still very new to all this, but trying not to give up.

Thanks in advance for any assistance rendered.
Jul 1 2017, 05:54 PM
WIP board (RP oriented) here.:

EDIT: Sorry for the wall of text here...
EDIT: Okay. Somehow the board vomited back out of the sidebar. I'm not actually sure what resolved it that I changed... SO... scratch that from the list... but now it's submerged UNDER the sidebar... sigh...

I apparently managed not to backup a few difficult successes in what I'm trying to do with my forum attempt, learning as I go based on what I am trying to accomplish, and now that I've messed something up that I can't pinpoint as the problem, I feel like I should ask for some tips and guidance.

I guess I'm attacking all this from the wrong end, but for a few days at least, it didn't seem awful. I even figured out how to do a table thing on one of the sidebar tabs and I've been working on making that comprehensive with skin and code origins, as well as free-use materials the RP might utilize by the time I figure out which setting elements will make it to the final stage of prep. Or are given up on, which is more likely, heh. I'm ambitious about what I want to do, but I'm also easily distracted and have to constantly re-reference tutorials and instructions, which are often incredibly challenging for me to follow.

The last thing I remember trying to implement (before I got distracted by kids, came back, and messed it up nicely) was to add a hover description possibility. I think I was starting with just a hover description on a link in the aforementioned "credits" sidebar tab. The plan is to also have a hover description (nothing fancy, yet at least; eventually wanting it to pop up a table) over the banner graphic, but I thought starting easy would be better.

I can't pinpoint whether I was in the wrapper or stylesheet when the issue arose, but I know it was after I tried to undo and save from that screen when I took out the very basic code I tried to put in from here ( ). Afterward, I refreshed the browser tab where I was looking at the effects of what I saved each time. The board has sort of been sucked into the sidebar. I'm... not sure how it happened, and I could use suggestions on how to fix it. EDIT: The board came back out, submerged now under the sidebar, and I still haven't succeeded in adding a hover.

Other things that are on my to-do list for the board:

1.) Want: static sidebar with tabs (and Y overflow scrollbar) remembers last clicked tab and stays on it when the user hits refresh or whatever, like a cache option or something... but also has hover value you can set for links? Alternatively, static tabbed sidebar with Y overflow and hover thingy, that I can make hold click-to-collapse contents...

2.) Two rows of forum category - an updated version... I really need to tackle CFS conversion at some point so it isn't all outdated and wonky. I looked at it last night and almost had a panic attack, the Brax Freebie skin (Arya) that had the optional CFS inline code I added has a "bug" according to the Jcink Admin CP, and that does seem to have some issues with it too. Nothing I'm ready for, I don't think, since the tutorial listing here ( ) seems really intimidating to consider and I am a pro at procrastinating...

3.) A way to hook those two navigational bars at the top of the main forum together in a "static" navigational thing at the top...? So it would show the site banner, the Jcink ad space, the "Boardname Here ---> Categoryname Here ----> Forumname Here -----> Threadname Here" thing ideally either below the ad or attached to the "static" navigational bar... EDIT: Actually, I think I may have figured something "close enough" out on this one to finish the job.

4.) A way to set the board width to occupy whatever remaining space there is on a viewer's browser (with a minimum of like 850px) without forcing the addition of a horizontal scrollbar, right-side padded or whatever so the background can still be seen... but to have this disabled for *mobile* users so they can access it at all?

I don't even know how much of this is feasible to attempt for someone with my laughably novice capabilities and limited capacity for learning. If there are easier tutorials or explanations that can help me directly accomplish any of this (ESPECIALLY getting my board barfed back out of the sidebar!!) I would be ever so grateful for help...
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