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Nov 25 2017, 04:15 PM
Hello all,

So i was able to make the main profile change colors by adding in a div id and using the group name but when I tried to do the same thing for the mini profile I began running into issues. All that I am trying to do is change the color of the border of the image in the mini profile and the inner border of the smaller image that shows when it is hovered over. I have also tried making the name for the div include a field number and did the whole drop down to select a group to try to make it work (ex <div class="atg-ava-img-<!-- |field_24| -->"> ) as well but I'm not having much there either.

Site link.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Jul 16 2017, 08:48 PM
Online list [SOLVED]
Back again.. I am unable to click on the names in the online, online today, or even the newest registered name to go to their profile. I have looked in the code again i'm far from an expert and I can't find anything sticking out to me. I've also googled and searched trying to find a similiar issue but I can't find one.

Site link

Any help would be appreciated.
Jul 14 2017, 05:32 PM
black box [SOLVED]
So I am having an issue with a black box appearing and moving items to the right after they've been posted. I don't know if its something just with my computer or if its something else, I've asked a friend to look at it and she said that she didn't see the boxes but I also se them on my phone. This is how it looks when I preview the post on the site but This is how it looks after I have posted it. I've tried it with a couple different templates and there is a black box on them in some way or fashion usually I've noticed around an image. This is not my skin and these are not my templates so I don't know them inside and out. Here is the thread so you can look at it as well. Any help would be lovely!!!!
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Oct 18 2017, 03:08 PM

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