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 Weird PM Log Data
A PM that was sent by a now banned and deleted account showed up in the PM Logs as if it had been sent by a new member with a different timestamp.
  • Member A registered 17th May 2017 - 04:31 PM, their parent account was registered 16th May 2017 - 04:53 PM
  • Member B, who originally sent the PM was ip/email banned and deleted shortly after we found out about the PM, May 17 2017, 01:13 AM (we remember them being registered around Midnight on the 16/17th but didn’t think to log the timestamp before deleting the account)
  • The original PM had a timestamp of May 17th 2017, 12:13 AM. This timestamp was found in a screencap we took of the popout pm copy (we didn't think to take a screencap of the PM in the logged list)
  • The new PM is identical to the old PM content wise, sent to the same member, with a timestamp of 17th May 2017 - 12:13 AM but is logged as though it had been sent from Member A rather than Member B (linking to member B's profile, saying its from member B in the popout)
  • We remember seeing 2 PMs (one from member B, one from member A) but The PM from member B is now nowhere to be seen
  • The member who had received the PM got an email notification and a notification on site but did not see the PM in their inbox. They did not receive the second PM
  • We(the staff) did not delete the original PM from the logs
  • We had originally thought member A was simply another alias of member B under a new IP and banned them as well, (member B had been switching IPs earlier) but after they contacted us about it and now that we’re looking more closely at the details, that might not be the case.

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This is a known bug that can sometimes happen with deleted accounts whom IDs get reused - we can manually clear this data for you though for the specific user in the meantime.

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Thank you so much!! We should be good now that we know for sure there wasn't any more funny business going on.
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