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Posted by: THE SONIC CENTURION Jun 18 2017, 08:54 PM
My test site:

So on W3 Schools it says that I can group all my font properties(ie style variant weight size/line-height font-family) as it looks below:

p.ex2 {

    font: italic bold 12px/30px Georgia, serif;

Except I am doing this now in an effort to clean up the CSS some cause I have been adding some custom bbcodes, and other codes, and wanted to try to also make things load easier, buuut in terms of this especially I don't think it's working. My buttons for example should look as follows in image 1 buuuut now look like image 2.

When I inspect the buttons on my test site(image 2) it says
font: italic 'Georgia';
is an 'invalid value'  and just noticed when I inspected my forum description/subforum text cause it looked off that it says the same for
font: 12px/15px
(ie size and line-height). Does that mean this doesn't work? That none of what W3 Schools showed me above regarding grouping font properties in that quote works? I've stopped messing with anything cause it'll be less work to go through and fix if this is the case even if some headdesking will be involved.

user posted image
image 1 (how it should look; screenshot from main site)

user posted image
image 2

If you need any of code/css, I can provide it or you can feel free to inspect/view source. I can even make an account if necessary.

Posted by: THE SONIC CENTURION Jun 19 2017, 02:08 AM
Someone on a forum helped me figure this out. All sorted. =)

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