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 Transfer users and posts from another host [SOLVED]
I've got a quick question. I did a quick search on google to find the answer but didn't find any.

I just joined this host due to the other host I've been using is doing some updates at this time and it seems like NOBODY is happy with the new changes that are in store and most users are complaining that the new updates etc will have a negative impact on most forums.

I'm just wondering if it's possible to transfer users, content, and posts from the current host to this one? I do know that it's possible to transfer to the other host.

If somebody can let me know that would be great. Honestly it would be a shame to start everything over again especially because I have over 600 posts on my other host.

If I missed something and this has already been asked, can you send me the link? Thanks.

Also, because I'm new to this host, are there any tutorials or anything I can read up?

***EDIT***Never mind about tutorials. I happened to come across it in the ACP.

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Here's what I was able to find regarding official information about this. Though, as a fellow forum owner let me just say - people always complain about change, and if it's good change they usually come around in the end. Sorry your members are complaining, and I hope it mellows out of you soon. ^^

Kindly do not contact me on Discord or PM me for support.

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Yes it is annoying when people complain about change etc. As for my other Forum, I'm going to keep it active for at least 30 days. I just hope the updates will be done soon just so I can see how good/bad these changes are.

Anyway it's no big deal in any case, other than the fact my other board has over 600 posts, but there are only 2 active members: myself and one extra member.

The major downside is he probably won't want to repeat everything, and just copy and pasting will be time consuming. In this case I completely understand if he doesn't want to join my new board.

Anyway I'll do some more research before I come to an ultimate conclusion. Although I am inclined to stay here, although there are some minor things that could be changed, but what caught my eye when I was checking out the Premium Features, is that you could have an additional 5 Forums with no extra charge, whereas the other forum I'm using (or was using) was per Forum.

But anyway we'll see what happens in the near future. I will definitely check out the link you posted. Thanks.
Being able to transfer in from another host or forum type is generally not possible unless it's from invisionfree or mybb, although our mybb converter is way outdated now. However I could still let you know if it's a definite no-way, no-how, depending on what place you're talking about. Feel free to PM it to me if you're comfortable with that.

email: :: blog: John C.
Thanks, but I'll be fine

It's just that with over 600 posts on my other board, the only other active member probably won't be too keen on repeating everything on my new board, so I really do understand if he doesn't want to transfer over.

On my other board there were only 2 active members including myself, so other than the fact 600 posts down the drain, it won't be too much of a terms of users anyway. It's hard to advertise a board and get it active. I just hope my only other active member won't be too disappointed gathering he contributed a lot to the forum.

Of course to start a new board over again with 0 posts can be difficult to do, especially if you had so many posts on your other board.

But I will just make do and hope for the best.
Alright then. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

email: :: blog: John C.
This topic has been solved. If you need anymore help please post a new thread. Thanks for choosing Jcink services.

email: :: blog: John C.
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