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 Member Group Colors
So, I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but I think it's a really good idea and someone should do something about it. (hinthint? rofl)

So, as I'm sure you know, different profiles for different member groups is becoming increasingly popular.

Something else I've noticed, though, is that A LOT OF THEM are ONLY changing the colors for their mini profiles and such to identify the different member groups nad such.

How hard would it be to add a field for this in the ACP? Similar to the prefix and suffix, but it would assign ONLY a hex color value to each group. You could then use the color code anywhere you wanted to to easily style the MP without needing to add the script for different MP's per group, just by using the identifying tags that the other areas of the member group have. <!-- |g_color| --> See. It even looks good.
Interesting point. I don't see it as being a particularly hard thing to make. It may come off as a confusing setting because it won't really do anything all on its own BUT I really see the value in this for sure!

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Awesome!! I'm working on an MP right now and that's literally the only thing they want different, and I can't figure out how to use the <span> tags to do it without only changing the font color.

As far as the confusion goes, maybe you could add a short description beneath it that says something like, "This field is mostly used for mini profiles and other templates of the same nature." It could also be used on the skin for the newer style skins which feature icons and other things near the member name.

I'm glad to hear this is at least something worth looking into! I think A LOT of skinners / coders are going to love this feature if you decide to add it in.
This effect is actually super east to achieve doing something like:

<span class="group<!-- |g_id| -->">text here</span>

And then you use the group number to input CSS to change the colour.

So for an admin it would be:

.group4 {color:red}

At this point you don't even need to use a key in your miniprofile, though, you could have:

<span class="group">text here</span>

And use this for admins:

.group4-post-normal .group {color: red}

So there's multiple ways to accomplish this without making multiple miniprofiles.

However, if this were a key that could also be used in skins etc. then I think it would make certain designs easier / more efficient / cleaner (but it still won't let us do anything that we can't already do, because I'm using the same first method I outlined earlier on in some of my skins and it works like a charm).

At any rate, the CSS I outlined above might help people in the interim. My concern with this request, though, is that having so many options to do this already would make this feature redundant, and maybe kind of confusing, and when it comes to miniprofiles I think they're already pretty intimidating for a lot of people.

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A lot of good points there. There is also the fact that the g_color key would be very limiting.

The method you are using can be done per-skin with ease.

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