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Yesterday at 11:04 am
Board: Prior Incantato

Is there a way to have the clickable smilies and the post icons not show for certain forums? I love them in all my OOC areas, but I don't favor them in the roleplaying forums.

Yesterday at 11:01 am
Board: Prior Incantato

Is there a list of div ids for all parts of the board? I attempted a search, but as both words are less than four letters - lol!

What I am wanting to do is to have my links on the forum and category tables have a text-decoration of none, but I want the links in my posts to be underlined. I have managed to get all my links in the forum rules and sidebars and navigation, etc, all work as I want with their various div ids, but I'm stumped on this last part.

Thanks much!
Jul 11 2018, 10:55 PM
Board: Prior Incantato

First, I have my converted IB board! THANKS SO MUCH JOHN!

Currently we're offline while I fiddle, but I don't believe this question requires seeing anything on the board.

Now, the question I have:

When in the ACP, is there a way to view a full list of all current members of the board? If there is I'm not finding it! Also, is there a way to mass edit members into groups?

On a related note: Can a member be in more than one group at the same time?

Jun 29 2018, 09:36 AM

First, I have found the wiki page with all the HTML template information. I'm pretty sure I want to use <!-- |awards| -->, or at least I THINK. But I'm completely at a loss on how to go about doing what I want to do!

Here is what I want to do! I have my mini profile set up (incidentally, that should be a TRIANGLE, but the tip is cut off, not sure why ><) and I want to add badges UNDER the profile.

Here is a screen shot of what I'm going for:

Thanks for the help!
Jun 24 2018, 10:11 AM

I'm playing around with forum descriptions and rules now and while the descriptions are easy, I've run into a problem with the rules. They aren't showing.

This is the forum where I'm trying to get rules to show. I have set my rules to "Show full text", so I have a suspicion it might be something in the skin I'm using.

Also, as a side note on this, in the wiki I did see that we can add CSS coding to the rules. What selector would I use and where would I put the CSS? (I SOUND like I know what I'm talking about - I sorta do but only because I look stuff up, so instructions on this as if I were 5! LOL!!)

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