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Apr 25 2018, 05:05 PM
Hi there. I'm looking to create a Warrior Cats RP forum in the future, and I had two main questions regarding the ToS. I don't yet have a board.

1. Where does the line draw with 'graphic content'? Would the following passages be allowed in a PG-13 forum?
I see on the FAQ that it states 'body mutilation' and 'detailed torture scenes' are examples of graphic violence, while 'surgery' is noted as an example of intense imagery. With the Warriors fandom, I would like to know if these would count as being too graphic for PG-13 (bearing in mind this is a PG-13 series that many 8-12 year olds read too).

For any Warriors fan, these scenes are from the first four arcs/series, in case you don't want to be spoiled (I've marked which series they are). Please note that Warriors isn't always quite as violent as these - the below scenes can happen, and these are stated to be some of the most graphic descriptions. I wanted to take the more descriptive scenes such as these in order to convey some possible graphic writing, and see if they would count as needing an 18+ warning despite being allowed in PG-13 books (and most readers simply state it's graphic, not so disturbing, even under-13).

I have removed as much unnecessary description as possible to focus on the graphic elements.

-- In one scene, a cat's throat is torn out, including this description. [Series 1]
One blow to his shoulder unbalanced Tigerstar. He fell on his side, exposing his belly, and Scourge’s vicious claws sank into his throat. Blood welled out as the smaller cat ripped him down to the tail with a single slash. A desperate scream of fury erupted from Tigerstar, then broke off with a ghastly choking sound. His body convulsed, limbs jerking and tail flailing. For a heartbeat a stillness settled over him, and Firestar knew he was falling into the trance of a leader who loses a life, to wake after a little while restored to strength and with the rest of his lives intact.
But not even StarClan could heal this terrible wound. Scourge stood back and watched coldly as Tigerstar’s body convulsed again. The dark red blood kept on flowing, spreading across the ground in a ceaseless tide. Tigerstar let out another shriek; Firestar wanted to cover his ears so he didn’t have to listen anymore, but he was frozen to the spot. Again the massive tabby’s body grew still for a heartbeat, but again the wound was too terrible to yield to the healing trance. Another spasm seized Tigerstar’s body. His claws tore up clumps of grass in his agony, while his screeches turned from fury to terror.

-- In another scene, a cat is impaled through the throat with a stake. [Series 2]
Writhing from side to side, he spotted the stick from the fox trap lying half under his shoulder. He strained his neck and managed to grab it in his teeth. As Hawkfrost lunged down toward him he heaved the stick around and felt the sharpened end sink deep into Hawkfrost’s throat. Hawkfrost stiffened with a horrible gurgling sound, then fell limp and heavy on Brambleclaw’s chest.
Shocked, Brambleclaw struggled free of his half brother’s body and let go of the stick. It fell to the ground,
leaving a ragged wound in Hawkfrost’s throat. Scarlet blood splashed onto the earth, faster and faster until it started to spill down toward the lakeshore.
Amazingly, his half brother pushed himself to his paws and staggered toward him. Brambleclaw braced himself, not knowing whether to expect another attack or an appeal for help.
“Fool!” Hawkfrost rasped; the effort of speaking made the blood pour even faster from his terrible wound. “Do you think I did this alone? Do you think you’re safe within your own Clan?” He coughed, spitting out clots of blood, and added, “Think again!”
“What?” Brambleclaw took a step toward him, his forepaws splashing in the scarlet pool. Was Hawkfrost
accusing a ThunderClan warrior of leading Firestar into this trap? “What do you mean? Tell me, Hawkfrost! Who do you mean?”
But the cold fire was leaving Hawkfrost’s eyes. He turned away from Brambleclaw, staggered a few paces
through the ferns, and collapsed beside the lake, his haunches trailing in the water. Tiny waves rippled over his body, and his blood spread out in a scarlet cloud.

-- A cat drowns and we see it from his perspective. [Series 4]
Terror gripped Flametail’s chest as he felt the ice heave under his paws and tip him into the water. He slid into the freezing depths with a shriek. The water was instantly black around him. It dragged at his fur, so cold it felt like claws.
Above him, the light faded as the water sucked him down. This is what I was seeing in my dream! He began to churn with desperate paws, fighting for the surface.
He blinked, focusing on which way the bubbles around him were drifting, then headed upward with a surge of hope.
His paws thudded against a solid wall.
He could see light beyond the whiteness, and scrabbled toward it. This time his claws ripped against the jagged underside of the ice. He saw movement above him, shadows over the ice. He heard yowls and mews calling his name as paws thundered above him.
Then the water began to pull him down. He was too tired to fight it. As the noise and chaos faded, Flametail felt numbness spread through his body. He let his paws grow still, allowed the water to cradle him.
Such quiet.
Such calm.
Suddenly the water started to churn. Flecks of ice and bubbles floated around him. He saw silky gray fur wafting near him.
Jayfeather? Had the ThunderClan medicine cat fallen in, too? It’s quiet here. He wanted to reassure his fellow medicine cat that everything was okay. Don’t fight it.
Suddenly claws tugged Flametail’s fur. Jayfeather had grabbed hold of him. He was trying to pull him up. Where did you learn to swim underwater?
Through the darkening depths, Flametail could see Jayfeather’s eyes; though blind, they seemed to be pleading with him. He stared back. It’s hopeless. The ice has blocked us in.
The current was pulling harder now, drawing them down despite Jayfeather’s flailing and struggling.
Flametail felt Jayfeather’s claws unhook from his pelt. He began to sink, gazing up at the fading light.
Darkness swept over Flametail and the sunlight vanished forever.

-- A cat has a difficult birth. [novella: Leafpool's Wish]
Leafpool dragged herself into the hollow tree and collapsed onto the leaf mulch with a groan. She was dimly aware of Squirrelflight fluttering around her, shoving more dried leaves beneath her and placing a bundle of dripping moss near her head. Leafpool felt as if the whole world had shrunk to the dimensions of her body, a world that was full of scarlet pain and throbbing fear. There was a pulling sensation underneath her tail and Leafpool cried out in alarm.
“Tell me what I should do!" Squirrelflight hissed in Leafpool’s ear. “I can see a kit coming!”
Leafpool gritted her teeth against the next pulse of agony. “Wait until it is free, then nip open the sac around its body. Push it toward me so I can lick it.” She yelped at a wave of sharp stabbing pain across her belly. She lifted her head and saw a small, slime-covered black shape slither out onto the leaves. Squirrelflight tugged away the transparent sac that covered its head and Leafpool stiffened as a wail pierced the air.
Squirrelflight nudged the kit closer to Leafpool’s belly and Leafpool curled herself around it. Her world expanded just enough to enclose this beautiful, perfect kit. She started to lick its fur clean as she felt its tiny mouth latch onto her. Then she writhed as another spasm racked her body, stronger than any before. She waited for the wave of pain to die away as the kit shifted inside her, but the throbbing continued. In the red mist of agony, Leafpool felt herself begin to panic.
Something’s wrong!
“I can see another kit!” Squirrelflight called. “But it’s not moving! Push harder!”
Leafpool had no breath to speak. She tried to press her paws against her belly, manipulate the kit the way she would if she were helping a queen in the nursery. But her legs flopped weakly to the ground. She felt Squirrelflight trying to help, prodding and nudging with her own paws, but she hadn’t been trained, and Leafpool had no strength to tell her sister what to do. Dark shadows clustered around her and she felt herself ebbing away. She knew that cats could die if a kit got stuck. Help me, StarClan . . .
Then the air stirred beside her, and a new, familiar scent filled the hollow tree. Leafpool felt strong paws pressing down on her flanks, and the kit inside her started to turn.
Squirrelflight rolled the moss closer to Leafpool so she could drink, then started pummelling the tiny shape beside her belly until the little cat squeaked. Leafpool felt Yellowfang shove a stick between her teeth.
“This is going to hurt,” the old cat grunted. She leaned on Leafpool’s belly with a force that made her shriek in protest. “Have a little faith,” Yellowfang hissed.
With a wrench, the kit was born, a huge golden tabby tom with broad shoulders and a deafening yowl. Squirrelflight dragged him beside the black kit and Leafpool stared down at the tom in disbelief. My son! She felt him start to suckle and let her head fall onto the leaves. She had never been so exhausted in her life. She felt as if she had been turned inside out, and wanted nothing more than to sleep for a moon.
She propped Leafpool’s head against her shoulder and held her close as yet another spasm rolled through Leafpool’s body. This time the kit slipped out easily, a pale gray tabby even smaller than its littermates.

2. Can a site be labelled as being 15+ if the content is still noted to be PG-13?
Not everybody feels comfortable with writing with minors, and obviously it's stated in the ToS that a site may not be marked as 18+ if it's not premium. Because of people's discomfort in writing with 13-14 year olds, would a site be able to mark itself as 15+ only due to wanting members of that age?
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