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 Random posts or rolls?
Heya! I was wondering if there is/if anyone has a script that gives a way to either have a chosen account post a pre-generated message randomly in threads within specified forums or a way to code something like a dice roll into all posts in a specified forum such that a "failed" roll will not appear but a "successful" roll will append something like a sprite and a short message like "You earned/found a chest/gold amount! admin"

I don't want it to necessarily add anything to or affect profiles at all, but I'd like to have some kind of set up where members posting in threads have a chance of earning currency/goods/etc per post in (in this case) in character forums that then tags an admin (me) so that I can add necessary info to their profiles or wherever. Ideally, the player wouldn't be able to edit this text themselves -- so i'm thinking maybe some kind oa script set up in html post templates? but I don't know coding well enough to set something like that up.

If such a thing is available, i'm looking for it/would love to see it! if it's something that can be coded, I may be able to commission it to be done, potentially, depending on prices. :3

example for hopeful clarity! if the below is the thread, then i'd like the posts to go something like this:

[post is here, accessible by member]
[either the random post or the roll with message -- does not appear if failed roll]

[next person's post, accessible by that person]
[either the random post or the roll with message -- does not appear if failed roll]

Just posting to say that I have not personally seen any feature or code like this out there. There are a few approaches I can think of to make this work using the template system but they will require external web hosting and a database.

email: :: blog: John C.
Gah, that's a shame. I'l likely stick to rolling for success by hand then and do it on a per thread basis rather than per post, since the roll bbcode can be edited. oh well, thanks anyway!
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