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Anyone use Flickr?

I found an article that says that Flickr is now charging for Pro for Desktop Auto-Uploading.

I really don't know what that is, but it seems like you can still upload some images.

Not sure if I can post the link? If not feel free to remove it.

I've used Flickr for a couple years already but as long as I can do general uploads I'll be fine. Although, I do admit that $49.99 per year isn't all that bad if it comes to this (or $5.99/mo). (This is in USD so that's $65.08CAD per year or $7.80/mo)

I do find that Flickr is a very easy uploader to use, so even if I do end up subscribing to pro in the future...

But again, I wouldn't be too surprised if all uploaoders start becoming paid products probably in the next few decades.
Many image hosting services appear to be falling on hard times and/or are changing their direction. This has been a "problem" for a very long time, as far back as I can remember. Any kind of image hosting provider has severe bandwidth and space costs that bleed them.

Now that these guys have built themselves up, right or wrong, they are going to charge. Of course, there will always be freebies to take their place, but can you trust them not to do the same either? Hardware and space costs theoretically go down every year but rate of growth still makes them prohibitively expensive. I've also noticed that some of these providers are needing to invest in DDoS protection, another huge expense.

I simply don't trust any image hosting provider to hold my images long-term. I come from experience in the early 2000s where image hosts were fly-by-night and I got burned all the time. But these days they don't seem to close down, instead, they just start charging and/or blanket enforce a terms of service change that they decided to put up at moment's notice.

General image hosting is a tiresome business, with high resource usage and management requirements and is difficult to monetize without either paid accounts or putting popups in everyone's face. The popups and ads only work when someone actually visits the image landing page... hotlinking provides ZERO revenue for the host and only eats them every time an image is loaded. It's sad but the truth.

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I am highly doubtful that Nickpic will ever close down or start charging, but if they do, I'll just have to go find another host.
Like I've said previously Flickr has been my favorite uploader since I started using it a few years ago. I would support them if I could, but of course if they change their ToS so it has a negative impact on all who subscribe to Pro, or even to Free Users, I would definitely look for another host. However, I could always check out NickPic and can decide from there, as long as they don't have crazy amounts of ads.

Photobucket is absolutely the worst AND unstable. On my old Forum Host I've posted a thread about which your favorite uploader was, or the ones you used. That thread only had a small handful of replies and I can't remember if it was 1 user or 2, who actually said that using Photobucket, because it's so unstable, laggy, and full of crap ads, their browsers would crash. I wouldn't ever want to use Photobucket due to the fact it is crazy unstable.

***EDIT*** I've decided to try Nickpic. The layout is quite similar to Flickr and at this time looks pretty straight forward, but I don't suppose you can transfer images from the one host to the other, can you? If not it really doesn't matter. It would just be time consuming to find each the images back to manually upload them to Nickpic. But I can always upload different pics anyway...anyway just thought I'd just check whether it is possible or not to transfer images from one host to the other. Thanks.

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