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 Default posting templates
So this may seem like an odd request.

My users since my site is RP based used DoHTML to fancy up their RP posts, typically the same template is used for every post.

On our previous site, we had default templates which you could 'save' a posting template and the coding could be selected via a dropdown and automatically applied to your post.

That way you didn't have to copy and paste it individually.

I'm not sure if this is possible to code into the site, or if it's a possible add-on at all, but I figured I'd bring it up since they requested it.
It's not odd at all, and it is something we definitely want to do.

email: :: blog: John C.
You can do this the sloppy way and have the html code in a BBcode button. You just have to make a new BBcode and name it postlayout or something else, then place the (PARAM1) where all your text will go and if you have css just place it in your stylesheet.

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