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 Shoutbox Flood Control
It's getting rather annoying to leave messages in a Shoutbox, only for the flood control to rear it's ugly head. And I can't seem to find any way to disable it for specific groups.

So that is my request, a Permissions option in the Shoutbox, where certain groups are ignored for flood control.

It's come up several times now, where I'm working on a forum with a few members, and leaving messages in the shoutbox. Nobody else is posting in it, so I'm continually hit with flood control. Even when I haven't posted messages in several days.
The second flood control option for the box is different compared to the forums. Rather than time based, it's last-user based. This means that one user can't post more than X times in a row, for example, regardless of the time they were posted.

I would just suggest setting this number to 99 - we will consider an option to avoid flood control per-group however.

email: :: blog: John C.
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