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 forum descriptions
in forum descriptions as they are now, line breaks are automatically parsed as <br> and create empty lines on the site. would it be possible to get an option to turn this off? i know that a lot of people often have semi-complicated bits of code that go into their forum descriptions in order to achieve the aesthetic they want for their site, and i'm sure i'm not the only person who finds it slightly difficult to read/edit their code when it's all squished into one block of text.
I like this idea of being an option -- we'd have to make a little checkbox for this unfortunately at this point or else it'd probably break a lot of desc's but it can be done

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in the meantime, you can simply add a display none to your area.

.descriptionboxname br { display:none; }

and you can hit that enter till the cows come home and they won't appear.
i was definitely figuring it would just be a checkbox option or a yes/no or something like that! it would just be super great to get an option.

and thanks for that advice too, wallflower! i knew i could do that but it slipped my mind for some reason lol. actually setting the breaks to display none just created other problems for me, but i'm p sure it's because i'm using nth-child for certain things in the css and the breaks still count as children even when they're set not to display so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oh well i guess i'll just have to wait for that option lol.

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