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Feb 5 2018, 02:10 AM
    Hey hey!

    While I'm setting up a skin, the <!-- |points_total| --> variable is not working in the Board Stats template. Just the same, <!-- |points_circulated| --> is not showing the value as well. I'm unsure why this is, and can't remember if I reported it before in the HTML Templates Beta, but I wanted to bring it forward again to see if it can be fixed.

Jul 8 2017, 05:26 AM
    Ugh, okay. Usually I'm able to figure things out on my own but I'm at the end of my rope with this stupid design on my site here.

    Basically, I'm creating a custom board stats area that utilizes the HTML Templates system, and is only done through CSS and HTML (no Javascript or Jquery). The third tab, designated by the hashtag symbol, is supposed to contain the recent topics, which I have currently set at five. I use the following script just below the <% COPYRIGHT %> tag, as it states in the board wrappers.

    /* Recent Topic Activity display - below copyright */

    Here is the board stats template:

    <div class="tableborder" id="boardstats">
    <div class="maintitle">
     <span class="bstats-text">Board Statistics</span>
    <div id="new-statistics">
     <div id="css">
      <div class="tabs">
       <div class="tab">
        <input type="radio" id="tab-1" name="tab-group-1" checked>
        <label for="tab-1" title="Current" class="one"><i class="icon ion-heart"></i></label>
        <div class="content">
         <div class="content-inside">
          <div class="css-first">
           <div class="css-online">
            <title>currently online</title>
             <inn><!-- |online_list| --></inn>
              <!-- |total_users| --> <span>online</span>
              <!-- |total_mems| --> <span>members</span>
              <!-- |total_anons| --> <span>hidden</span>
              <!-- |total_guests| --> <span>guests</span>
           <div class="css-deets">
             <!-- |newest_member| -->
             our newest member
             <!-- |total_mem_reg| -->
             <!-- |total_posts| -->
           <div class="clear"></div>
       <div class="tab">
        <input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1">
        <label for="tab-2" title="Statistics" class="two"><i class="icon ion-stats-bars"></i></label>
        <div class="content">
         <div class="content-inside">
          <div class="css-second">
           This is second tab.
       <div class="tab">
        <input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1">
        <label for="tab-3" title="Recent Activity" class="three"><i class="icon ion-pound"></i></label>
        <div class="content">
         <div class="content-inside">
          <div class="css-third">
           <div id="recent-topics-clip"> </div>
    <div id="css_util">
    <a href="?act=Stats&CODE=leaders">
     <i class="fa fa-group fa-fw" title="moderating team"></i> moderating team
    <a href="?act=Search&CODE=getactive">
     <i class="fa fa-heartbeat fa-fw" title="today's active topics"></i> today's active
    <a href="?act=Search&CODE=getactive">
     <i class="fa fa-bookmark fa-fw" title="view new posts"></i> view new posts
    <a href="?act=Members&max_results=10&sort_key=posts&sort_order=desc">
     <i class="fa fa-bar-chart fa-fw" title="overall top posters"></i> overall posters
    <a href="?act=Stats">
     <i class="fa fa-line-chart fa-fw" title="today's top posters"></i> today's posters
    <a href="?act=Login&CODE=05">
     <i class="fa fa-check fa-fw" title="mark all posts as read"></i> mark forum read
    <a href="?act=Login&CODE=06">
     <i class="fa fa-bomb fa-fw" title="delete cookies"></i> delete cookies

    I don't have any conflicting CSS elements that would negatively affect the recent topics, except for maybe this?

    /* Tab Three Recent Activity */
    #recent-topics .maintitle { display: none; }
    .tableborder #recent-topics {
       display: block;
       height: 180px;
       width: 520px;
       margin-top: 0px;
       margin-left: 0px;

    The rest of the custom stats does not affect that area of the template just yet, as I have yet to code it.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as I'm ready to throw out the last tab and call it quits at two, which kinda messes with the jive of my design.
May 18 2017, 10:30 PM
    I just noticed there is a place to put in promotional codes with premium? I'm looking into reactivating my subscription and just noticed it existed, lmao. Do you guys give those out? O.o

    I remember there being like a potential giveaway at some point on the Jcink Resources but nothing ever came of that.
May 10 2017, 01:38 PM
    Not sure how else to title it, but here we go.

    I remember a while ago there was a code available that would allow you to have a form in a Webpage that, after being filled out, could be submitted and would be posted to a hidden forum for staff members to view/review.

    Is there a code like this which still exists? I want to use it for a role-playing game to handle claims and the like, so the staff member who updates claims lists can go to this one forum to find the newly posted claims so they can do it automatically behind the scenes. Making sure a new post is made in a forum without that forum being visible is a good way to do that, and makes it convenient that the member doesn't have to copy/paste a code or something convoluted. They just fill in a form, post it, go!

    So, is there a way to do this or a code I can implement?
Apr 14 2017, 10:11 AM
    So, I use the dark admin control panel skin because it's easier on the eyes, but it doesn't do the autoselect for the custom profile fields the way the default one does. Is there any way you can put that in so I just have to click and then ctrl+c to copy the field?
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