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 Another facebook parallel suggestion, oh no, But maybe something a little different?

I know you're a little busy right now with the custom templates (Are those still being developed? I'm behind) but I was searching for posts I did with my friend earlier on a forum we're both on, and it kind of struck me that it'd be cool to have a way to search posts depending on the account that posted it?

I was thinking either,

1) you know how on facebook you can go onto a friend's profile and there is (or there used to be, I haven't been on in ages) a button saying 'see friendship' it'd be really cool if we could have something similar on jcink forum profiles (or mini profiles?). So that it shows you the topics you have with another member when clicked on, no matter which of you started it, but no other topics started by either of you.

or, the much more complicated but probably more useful in general:

2) A way to use the search function by the username of a poster, and a second parameter for another username to have posted in the topic also, or by user IDs, to see whether two random members have had topics together. But it would also have to recognise it as the person who posted rather than content, because otherwise it'd just bring up people mentioning the members and none of their posts.
   This one would be kind of useful on roleplays when you don't know if your character's friend is also friends with any of your other friends or enemies or whatever, or if you want to read up on a relationship your character is stepping in on/starting to interact with. Or for that matter, if you're a new member who wants to browse what kind of friendships and relationships exist on the site before you join. So really, this is my favourite of the two but it seems like it'd be infinitely more difficult than the former.

The search would have to include threads where another member is present also though to include all of them, so site-wide topics would still be in there too, whether your characters interacted in them or not, just in case they did.

I know this is a very out of the blue request which is totally different, but maybe it's something others might be interested in too? I hope it's possible and not too difficult because it could be a really neat little function and it'd make finding your old topics a lot easier, because you always know who the topic is with, even if you don't know where it is or who started it originally and searching through ALL your old posts to find it can be really slow if you post a lot.

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Nice features for a social site too.

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