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 admin permissions
totally cool if this isn't possible.

setting an admin group etc. there are permissions that allow you to create the group as only being able to see and edit certain aspects in the acp. this is a fantastic feature– the only shortcoming seems to be if that staff has access to the member & user groups section, they can simply change their own permissions.

the only option to remedy this is to make the entire section non-viewable for certain staff, but this can be somewhat troublesome when wanting to allow staff to edit member accounts but not wanting them to be able to view the the css or w/e else.

there aren't many things i can think of that would remedy this other than an entirely new section / option to block certain groups from group editing which sounds about impossible.

if anyone knows a way around this that'd be awesome. if not that totally makes sense, because this seems about impossible to implement in any way that i can think off the top of my head.
Perhaps what we can do is make it so that if someone in said restricted group attempts to create a new admin group or elevate any account including their own into an admin group, they are blocked from doing so. That is the easiest resolution that I see to this "problem."

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that is a clever way of solving it, and would absolutely solve that issue.
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