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 Awards -- Members controlled
So I was thinking that it'd be pretty useful to allow members to have some page or something where they can access their existing awards and tick a box where it is visible in their mini profile, or not. So they can, say, make old OTM or contest winnings invisible, but show a specific new award.

I legit have no clue how hard this would be to impliment, but it seems like something that could come in handy, since at the moment an admin would have to individually hide awards for each member who prefers it here and there. Making it so an admin can turn this option on and off would keep other forum owners who DON'T want this function from having to use it, and those of us who would prefer to give members this option an ability to turn it on?
You could actually do this with a custom profile field and consistent filenames, and maybe a line or two of Javascript at the most.
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