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 Usergroup Tagging
I was working on this rp site my friend and I are getting ready to open, and realised that it would be incredibly useful for members to be able to tag, for example admin or @mod and give the whole staff group an alert instead of setting up a 'staff request' thread for certain tasks. I don't know how feasible it is to have this as an option -- probably best to be a separate option from plain username tagging in case of harassment or something -- but we'd be super excited if it were incorporated!
This was a planned feature for the alerts but I pulled it due to performance issues. We'll add it again a later time when I can figure them out for sure.

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This would be really neat, even if it ends up being a staff-only thing (that is, having an Staff tag that worked just for staff or even having an @usergroup tag only staff could use).

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