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 Dice Roll
I think a dice roll option, made through the admin cp, but usable by all members would be convenient to a lot of rpg sites, (and I mean, there is a lot of them); Similar to the way that forumotion has theirs done; for example you can pick an account that will be doing the rolls, I've personally always favored making that account the roll master.

The rolls are only done when your posting,in a topic, not when your starting a new topic, as well as it being just under where you write the post. A drop down menu usable, as one can make several different types of dice roll, however my example below has only one; as well as a written text box to allow the option of multiple dice rolls at the same time, there's also a little plus box, to allow for multiple rolls of different types of dice, or the same.

I think it would be really useful, I already know many forms would love this feature, making several things for them very easy, as some forms need some type of roll option that they can do on forum instead of somewhere else; as it's rather difficult when you have certain things that require the choosing to be randomized.
    I think this would be a great feature! And having a master roll account would be pretty awesome.

    In the meantime, you can use [*roll]1d20+10[*/roll] without the asterisk and get a result. It's not easily controllable because everyone can use it, but if you don't have doHTML enabled they can't edit their post or it'll break the roll code, so you know if they're cheating or not.

    Dice Roll: 1d20+10: 16+10 = 26
And being able to put the images of the sides of dice for the rolls is really great to, esspically when you have per say a one piece, many one piece sites require the user to 'roll' or something for their devil fruit, a lot of people use the forumotion roll to their advantage and place in images, it's usually either a ten or twenty sided dice, a lot of work is put into it trying to make the system perfectly, even with a randomized roll set, making the most rarer of the numbers the hardest to get, to the easiest; it would in the end be a wonderful system to put in place.
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