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Aug 14 2017, 05:33 PM
So I'm looking for help for a very small problem. Hopefully someone knows what I need to do. On the member list there is small drop down. The default options are 'Name contains' and 'Name begins with'. I've been on sites where they made their member groups and such be options on the list. I'll include a picture of what I'm talking about below. Site Link A link to the member list is at the bottom of the board.

Picture here
Aug 8 2017, 11:25 PM
Hello! I have seen several threads saying that it's not possible to re-order posts so I really want this to be a feature. I know this isn't a huge problem, but when it comes to certain threads it would look nicer if the account names were in alphabetical order.

I actually had a fellow admin today have a panic attack because I merely suggested having a thread with the account names no in any specific order... so we had to change our templates out for a fourth time because she couldn't even think about having things out of order. So if this feature could be thought about that would be great.

Jul 17 2017, 03:08 PM
So my board is currently offline, but my question has zero to do with anything that is visually available on the board... Link here

I know there is a way to activated the points system that Jcink provides and I don't know how to do it. If you someone could help me out that would great!


~ Phoenix
Updated with my board link.
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