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Sep 18 2017, 12:12 AM
I should've thought about this before I responded and said my last thread was closed, but it was late and I've been sick so it skipped my mind. In order for my don't track and don't show signature codes in the forum rules sections to work the setting has to be to show full text. Our main admin has decided to make a custom image for the forum rules image. Initially my plan had been to just remove that completely, but before I could mention that a cute image was made and now. . . well it's showing under every forum.

Is there a code I can insert to remove the forum rules image for specific forums? That way we can have the image still show for some, but not ones where it isn't needed. Also is there a way to set it so forum rules don't show when viewing a thread/topic, but only again for select forum sections?

Here is a link to one of the forum sections on site and it shows what I mean in case that came off a bit rambling. My apologies, dealing with an awful cold which is why I'm just asking instead of trying to dig myself first. Help is very much appreciated.
Aug 8 2017, 04:14 AM
On the board I help staff, I want to do two things. Since I'm doing it on my test forum first I'll link to that board(note: my test forum is not premium, the site I am staff on is though).

my test forum

So here's what I want to do.

First, we have a Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook for our site. I'd like to put those social media buttons on there. I was trying something else before, but decided I didn't like it ultimately. Plus it was causing some other code issues. Then I saw some sites that had something like this and I really think it'll fit better.

On the sites I found that tab containing the buttons scrolls but I wouldn't mind it being stationary somewhere around here(where I put the black box):

And the other thing I would like to do is put a "current date" thing on my site. I don't even necessarily want anything like a box to put it in, etc. I just want to be able to put the text like below:

Could someone help me figure out how to do these things? I know how to do the text for the second, but I've no idea how to get it into that space and on that side specifically without causing other code issues.
Jun 19 2017, 01:27 AM
Is this possible? I did a cursory search, but didn't come across anything. I could've missed it since I didn't dig real deep or anything. Even if it's not possible in the ACP is there code that could do it, perhaps?

I'd basically like to make it so signatures don't play in certain forums I designate(ie ones where we post resources, for examples) and in PMs.
Jun 18 2017, 08:54 PM
My test site: here

So on W3 Schools it says that I can group all my font properties(ie style variant weight size/line-height font-family) as it looks below:

p.ex2 {

    font: italic bold 12px/30px Georgia, serif;

Except I am doing this now in an effort to clean up the CSS some cause I have been adding some custom bbcodes, and other codes, and wanted to try to also make things load easier, buuut in terms of this especially I don't think it's working. My buttons for example should look as follows in image 1 buuuut now look like image 2.

When I inspect the buttons on my test site(image 2) it says
font: italic 'Georgia';
is an 'invalid value'  and just noticed when I inspected my forum description/subforum text cause it looked off that it says the same for
font: 12px/15px
(ie size and line-height). Does that mean this doesn't work? That none of what W3 Schools showed me above regarding grouping font properties in that quote works? I've stopped messing with anything cause it'll be less work to go through and fix if this is the case even if some headdesking will be involved.

image 1 (how it should look; screenshot from main site)

image 2

If you need any of code/css, I can provide it or you can feel free to inspect/view source. I can even make an account if necessary.
Jun 16 2017, 05:25 AM
Tonight I was updating my test forum found here. I inserted an auto-subscribe code that also allowed removal of certain forums which I found on the support forums here, and that worked fine. I removed another code and no issue. However, I added this code and that's when things got weird then. . . well, now I'm internally panicking and here.

Now, at first it was oddly showing part of my stylesheet code on the forum itself. Then that just suddenly. . . fixed itself after I changed the font once. I've no idea why. Then the code wasn't displaying the timestamp right and I noticed there were odd break tags in the code. I found out they'd been added when I made the custom bbcode for some reason. So I removed one of them, and that is when everything started to flip out. As you can see from my board link above the topic titles aren't displaying right, the bbcode time stamp isn't, the borders are gone, starting showing the advertising rules when viewing the thread topic though it shouldn't and looks like I'd never messed with the way it displays, etc. Just a lot of stuff. So I thought about adding the tag back in, but when I went back to the custom bbcode section it'd already reinserted it. So I tried deleting, didn't work. I went to go to my stylesheet and everything after .postlinksbar in Topic View Styles is gone. The code for this custom bbcode, code for my skin itself, other codes I made for the skin and custom bbcode previously, etc. I re-added the custom bbcode thinking just maybe that'd help fix it, but it didn't. . .

Help? I've no idea what I could've done that made this flip out or caused this, but I'm hoping the code is still there and everything didn't actually just vanish. I mean how could that even happen? *facepalm*

The board is online. If you need an account made or whatever let me know.
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