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    Look, you don't need to give attitude when it comes to someone helping you. They're doing this out of the kindness of their hearts and they don't have to help you.

    The fix for this problem is LITERALLY the thing Dusty said.

    Find .sgnpavcont and add px after this:

    width: 250;

    So it becomes width: 250px;

    Find .sgnpcusfield and add px after this:

    top: -350;

    So it becomes top: -350px;

    Find .sgnpawa and add px after this:

    bottom: -150;

    So it becomes bottom: -150px;

    All of that will solve your hover issues.

    Again, that level of insult and being a dick is not necessary. I apologize for my language, and I hope John does see this, but you've been unnecessarily nasty and hostile to people who are simply trying to help. Debugging is trial and error, and if you want the help of people on support forums FOR FREE, you'll cut back on the attitude.
but then I would have to correct it for member who have long names. the miniprofile works on every other skin I have tried it on. So I am sure that might be the issue with it RN, but it wasn't having this issue when I had it on other skins. I can show you. If you go to the link in the first post you will see that the mini profile isn't the issue. But I am not trying to be nasty. Because I have STATED several times that the mini profile works as is. So is there ANOTHER WAY to fix this without forcing the px to remain the same

And the only reason I am getting "nasty" is because you guys aren't understand maybe what I am saying? I am saying that this mini works literally everywhere but on this skin. And I didn't need to change anything in order to get it to transition on other skins. Literally copied word for word and it works. So my thought is that there must be something else interacting with it but alas.. I have no idea. And mind you this is BEFORE adding in the forced px sizes. The mini works literally everywhere else that I have tried it on. I have tried it on a number of skins.

But instead of listening to me I feel like all of you are jumping to try and reply to my "issue" which isn't my mini but something within the skin itself. And I am thankful for all the help I get it's just frustrating as all hell that you guys keep trying to fix the mini when I have stated it's not the mini that is the issue. As you can see same mini code on another skin works perfectly fine, but on this skin it's not working. I honestly don't think it's the mini but something on the skin besides that. Does that make sense? I am here trying to get this problem solved but you guys all seem to excited to tear the small details apart, that aren't the issue.

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    I understand it can be frustrating not being able to figure out a problem, and how it works somewhere fine but not somewhere else, but I'm referring to the condescending tone used in your posts directed towards owl and dusty. Again, they are only trying to help, as am I, and I'm sure there is a reason the miniprofile isn't working.

    So, on to some questions before we can help you further:

    1) That topic is not a good indicator of why the miniprofile is not working, as it contains a post with the CSS for the miniprofile (the first post where you put an example). You should remove that so we can see it fully, or put another test topic up for us to see.

    2) Can you provide links to other places where the miniprofile code works fine?

    3) Do you have an example of a long name? I'm unsure of what you mean by that, considering the changes in the positioning should not affect the contents of the miniprofile if the px is put in. This might be a coding problem with whoever made it not knowing fully what they're doing.

    4) A copy of your skin's CSS and wrappers, please.

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Well, this took an unexpected turn.

If your original question is not concerning the transition effects of your miniprofile, you will need to clarify exactly what the issue is: what you are expecting to happen, versus what is happening. As it is, the original post clearly says that your miniprofile was not transitioning correctly, and we pursued a solution for that issue.

While you are possibly correct that something within the rest of the skin is interfering with the function of your miniprofile, CSS is actually extremely simple to debug. Developer tools come in handy as they can not only show the bounding box of an element, but also any and all styles that are being applied to the element(s) in question. Because of this, we can safely say that there are no styles being applied to your miniprofile that shouldn't be. Unfortunately, web development is not so simple as "it works here, it works everywhere."

However, I think you misunderstood me. You do not need to set a fixed width to make the transition work - you need only define the unit of the positioning values, top. Previously, you had just -350 in for the top value: the browser cannot work with this. When you hover, it is told to move the element from a top position of '-350' to '0'. '0' is a valid numeral for position properties, with or without a unit, because it is zero - nothing, nadda, nilch. It does not matter whether it's em or px, zero is zero. '-350' however, cannot be determined, because it does not know if you meant -350 pixels, em, vw, vh, vmin, vmax, %, etcetera. Because of this, the browser cannot animate the transition moving from -350 to 0. The other concerns that we have mentioned, with the structure of your wrappers etcetera, are very much valid points: a flaw in formatting can absolutely cause troubles down the line.

To reiterate: in my offline version of that link, the only properties that need changing are the top properties, of .sgnpavcont, .sgnpcusfield, and .sgnpawa.


I also feel obligated to point this out:
user posted image

The board variable you're looking for is <!-- |g_id| -->, not <!--|g_id|-->.


I also think I should clarify: multiplicity! is correct in that you should set the units of all width properties. In this case, it matters slightly less so, since the parent .miniprofile element has a unit-labeled fixed width of 290px. However, you should not be relying on a hope and a whim to account for overly long usernames. Instead, consider using the Box Fit plugin, or otherwise the word-wrap property.

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I do want to help, and I will be looking over this thread fully later -- but I would to point out that the support forum has rules (see #8).

email: :: blog: John C.
@Dusky, actually it did state int the first post that the mini profile was working correctly on other skins and that for whatever reason it wasn't transitioning in the current skin I had it one. Now that being said, as I have stated before, the mini profile works perfectly fine one again literally every other skin without add the px to any properties. That being said I would like to figure out another solution, because if you jump up where I posted a link you will see how it's supposed to look and that the transitioning is working without it.

John, I was trying to be patient but its frustrating when people are so eager to help but their help isn't what you are looking for. And it's not like my first post was confusing. Especially when some sends you to a site that doesn't even correctly identify jcink properties. That was hands down the most frustrating thing thus far, minus the fact that no one seemed to actually read the first post. I am trying to be patient as I have tried to fixed this for almost three days before I came here to ask for support. Sorry if I came off crabby to anyone, it's just I personally was getting frustrated by people not reading what I was saying...
    Taking a look at the skin you linked to in your first post, I would like you to remove this from the CSS ONLY:

    <!DOCTYPE html>

    That does not need to be there and actually might be messing with the coding in the miniprofile, particularly the lack of px.

    The skin where it is currently working doesn't even have a <!DOCTYPE html> defined, and it seems to work perfectly as you were saying. That is about the only difference I can see regarding the coding of one skin versus another.

    After removing that from the CSS, if it still does not work, we'll dig further into the skin and figure it out from there.
Haah. Didn't even notice the !DOCTYPE declaration.

For posterity's sake: In one skin, you have defined a strict doctype by using !DOCTYPE at the beginning of your wrappers. In this skin, your transitions will not work unless the unit is defined. The other skin lacks the declaration, and the browser is allowed to fall back on what's known as quirks mode. Quirks mode allows the miniprofile to still transition without a defined unit in the top property, because it fills in pixels as a default unit when none other is defined. This just lets the browser compensate for flaws in your code - it's still broken, and your resistance to simply adding a unit of measurement is astounding, but it'll work.
Just never mind. I will just figure it out on my own. I am so over this. Thanks for the help multi.

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