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Feb 25 2017, 04:12 PM
Link to Site: Here

I've been on a good hour long search now trying to find some sort of code or way to edit the main profiles when you click onto a member's name. Our mini-profiles have worked wonders, and we've been able to make custom fields for the main profiles, and thusly not the problem. But we would like to customize them a bit more, such as adding fields where they can type a description in and it'll show on their profile (preferably BBCode/HTML friendly). Basically, I want to rearrange the Profile a little, and add fields with member's own descriptions/information (much like you would writing a post). Rather then run in swinging my hammer, I'd like a little guidance.

If you were to go to my profile on the site, here (forgive the mess, we're still tinkering), I would want to remove the "My Content" section, and apply an area were there are multiple areas other members can read from what that particular user applied into their input box/description area in the My Controls section.

I'm crossing my fingers it's doable. I'm handy with CSS/HTML if needed. If that isn't in depth enough, I am willing to elaborate some more!
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Feb 25 2017, 04:51 PM

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