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 Skin Selector Order~
Looking for a way to make a recreated selector work outside the Stats-bound one before asking, I came across [this topic] asking about reordering skins. I just wanted to make a mention for record that there is absolutely a way to do this already, as I just finished doing it with my board's 29 skins. :3

All one has to do is get a list of skins as they currently appear in the selector (their creation time order), and find or create a list in the desired order. From there, simply start at the beginning in the creation order and start manually changing the data of each set; be certain to either alter the name of a set you are about to move if it still exists before doing so or to give the new set a slightly altered name.


For example, lets say we have the skins:

JFB Default
Cloud 9
Hybrix Moonlight

We want to put them in alphabetical order. The fist skin is JFB, and we WANT the first skin to be BGS.

Option 1:
  • First, we'll edit the current BGS to "BG" or "B", so that we can tell them apart later when it's time to edit that slot.
  • Now, we edit JFB. Simply change the title to BGS, and select all three corresponding dropdowns. Submit your changes.
  • Rinse and repeat. Cloud 9 is in the right place, so leave it alone and go to Hybrix, etc.

Option 2:
  • Move straight to JFB. Change the title to "BGS (Slate + White)" or "--BGS" or the like. Select corresponding dropdowns and submit.
  • Now when we go back to the list, there is a difference between "BGS" and "--BGS". Rinse and repeat as above.


A little bit time-consuming depending on how many skins are there, and a little bit annoying to add a new skin after having reordered already (though an appropriate name chance can make it less so if feasible). But absolutely 100% doable, especially if you don't have an excessive number of skins to start. ^__^
But would't all the skins be called BGS tongue.gif Wouldn't you be Better Saying:


and for a skin to go before it


JcinkNet Family Grandpa
.... What? ... At best, I think you were trying to make a joke in taking the "rinse and repeat" over-literally, but... I admit if that's wrong I'm completely lost.

If you want to call a skin "Skin-- (whatever)", that's fine, but you don't need to.. I just mean to reorder the default selector that's attached to the stats. You can title the set "2*8bhsQ9%" if you want, it's still gonna display fine... '^^; I was just giving general examples..
What she's saying EmpJoe is because the sets are ordered by newest skin first, is that with this method you can essentially "work backward" to get the order you want. The names don't matter.

This is a clever idea.. and although really cumbersome, it may help someone, so thanks for posting it.

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I did this the rinse and repeat way with a few minor edits. I moved my skin selector to the top or near the top on some skins I have.

I just went into the page source, copied all of the code for the selector and pasted into the wrappers where I wanted it. I removed the < %STATS% > and took off the "Selected" text that accompanied the pasted code. Works fine just gets a little mind numbing after 9 or 10 skins.

user posted image
Here everyone have a present....
<script type='text/javascript'>
skinSel = document.getElementsByName("selector")[0];
for(var i = 1; i < skinSel.options.length; i++){
 for(var x = 0; x < i; x++){
  if(skinSel.options[i].innerHTML < skinSel.options[x].innerHTML){
   skinSel.add(skinSel.options[i], skinSel.options[x]);

Just put it below <% STATS %> and it will put it in alphabetical order

The True Gentlemen
I was just thinking, you could also copy the dropdown HTML code as well and put it in the wrappers somewhere... could order it yourself like that.

email: :: blog: John C.
QUOTE (Jcink @ April 08, 2010 03:56 am)
although really cumbersome,

I tend to be a master of primitive but effective. xP (Emphasis mostly on the primitive part, lol. x3 But whatever works, you know?)


I was just thinking, you could also copy the dropdown HTML code as well and put it in the wrappers somewhere... could order it yourself like that.

For some reason this doesn't work for me. I THINK I posted it in one topic in support, but I can't remember if that's one I never got to or not, heh. But yeah. I know it can be done, because I did it on another board, but for some reason my own won't recognize it and change.. =/ Byeh.
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