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 ...What? 'xD; (Quick Random Emote Question)
Not even sure if it qualifies for support, but I'm curious. 'x3; Iunno.

Anyway, so emotes are /supposed/ to appear in uploaded order, right? And, like the skin order, etc, you can edit the content of an emote to 'change' the order by taking advantage of that, even, and stuff. So that's worked as it was supposed to on a few different boards, including my main one, where I recently finished uploading all 493 currently fully-known (omgGen5<3) Pokemon as emoticons, with all alternate forms as well. 8D So yeah. With smilies and some other things, too, I've got a good 700 emotes or so now. And they all followed the pattern.

.... Until now. After finishing all the main Pokemon emotes, I put an Egg, then all the (18 counting ???) types. The latter 18 worked normally too. .... The Egg appeared between the two forms of 123rd 'mon on the list-- WAAYY up toward the top.

.....What? Any idea what happened to make one react so randomly, then the rest go back to normal?


Again, I'm not sure this is really even support, because it's not really an 'issue' at ALL (slightly "aww" since I'd been going in order, but really, not many are gonna read through the full list in Show All anyway.. x'3); I'm just curious and wasn't sure where else to ask, heh. 'x3;
maybe you added and deleted one along the way and that changed the id # that it is in the database. I believe it is ordered by id which is something you can't change or actually see.

otherwise i really dont know, sorry, because ive never played with it like that.

email: :: blog: John C.
x3 Heh. I DID have someone helping me at the time, so while I don't think we did, it is possible. 500 emotes later seems like an odd time for it to take effect, but.. x3 Rofl.

Yeah, no problem though. Just wondering. :3 Essentially "solved" then. x3
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