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 Sub-Account List
When the personal 'portal' style profile is enabled you can view a persons friends list with name and avatar shown I think it would be nice to have the same feature for the sub-account list. A player can add their account to the list and then it shows the account name and avatar on a list on the profile for all to view. I hope this makes sense. I understand there's no point to this I just thought it would be a nice feature.
I think if this was done, it would just display the list automatically if the option to display them was set in the group controls in the Admin CP. It's not too convenient to link the account, then have to add it to a list. Can't see too many doing that.

That being said... I think this would work pretty well as a tab. Like "Sub-Accounts", and you can view all of their sub-accounts there rather than in the dinky dropdown. I am definitely going to do that at some point.

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Sounds great! can't wait to see it added at some point. Thanks!
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