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 Post Count not changing
Okay so I have it set up to decrease a member's post count when you delete a post made by them but it's not happening. I have the Trash Can option on and I even deleted the posts from there but still the post count remains the same. Am I missing some step?
Did you delete a post from a forum that has post count disabled? That is one reason why this would happen.

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Nope post count is enabled. Now if I move the topic to the trash can and then use the MCP prune option I can get the post count to go when I delete topics.

Does the post count not decrease when you delete but have the trash can option on?
No it does decrease, but if the forum does not have post counting on it then it doesn't work. But we have it on this forum and when I delete a topic or post then the posters count decreases.


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Okay well I have the post count on but the only way i can get the post count to decrease is if i completely delete the post from the site not just delete it where it moves to the trash can. If that is the way it is suppose to work than sorry for the question.
No that is not what she is saying.

We have the trash can enabled here and if you delete a post, it sends it to the trash can, and decreases post count. So the trash can is not the issue here.

In fact, "delete" is the only way to decrease the post count. Moving it manually won't do it. I'm not sure what's up here that an individual post deletion is not working, I would have to test it myself.

email: :: blog: John C.
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