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 removing excess coding
in an effort to trim my css i was wondering if some of the base coding is able to be removed without hurting things. my areas of concern are:

Profile Styles
Logo Strip
Calendar Styling
Tabs on the portal profiles + sections
Board Statistics Links
Mini Profile Seperators

none of these are utilized on my skin and i know it's not a ton of coding but every little bit helps. so just seeing if removing these from the css altogether will cause something to go wrong or would be against any kind of rules.

It's not against the rules (I don't think so, so long as you're not hiding / moving the ad, or hiding the copyright) and shouldn't cause anything to go wrong - if I were you I'd take out bit by bit (and save it somewhere). If doing that doesn't cause problems you're golden - if you run into an issue you can re-submit them. Personally, I clear everything but one line of CSS when I start a new skin and it hasn't caused issues.

Also, I don't know if you're interested but this is what I use to get my CSS as tight as possible which helps make the code smaller. I always try and back the CSS up before submitting it just in case, and I would recommend doing that, but I've never had any real problems with doing this

user posted image
It is absolutely fine to do this - clean your css up as much as you wish. Just respect the terms of service regarding moving / hiding the advertisement. Unless you're premium, in which you don't even have to worry about that. Just don't hide the copyright as owl said.

email: :: blog: John C.
thank you both!!

and owl i will for sure check out that program. it looks both terrifying and amazingly helpful!!
I hope it helps! The only other tip I have is: do it when you're pretty much done with the design, because compression helps with loadtimes but it doesn't help with reading the actual CSS. However, if you'd like to read it again compression can always be undone and this is my go-to for that.

This post has been edited by owl: Jun 3 2017, 03:26 PM

user posted image
owl thank you so much! i'll def give them both a run!
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