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 colors wont work
So i'm trying to add my own list of colors to a bio, to make it easier for people who edit the template to yknow edit it.

This is how it should look :

and instead i'm getting this

this is the scratchpad code

basically i'm trying to give "blublu" a color for a group, so people wont have to struggle with colors hex being copied & pasted and possibly giving an error or something - i figured only placing the group name would be way easier.

help? no idea what i'm doing wrong. i tried both putting it as .blublu and as blublu in the <style></style> tags and no luck
bump, really needed
Please try using the !important attribute for some of those classes. The color is being overridden somewhere and I can't seem to pinpoint it.

email: :: blog: John C.

I tried putting the !important attribute to each class involved in that coloring job and it did nothing, is there anything else I could try?
Please link an example post with the template in it, I'm not sure what else to do at the moment unless I can see why it's being overridden. At the very least !important should have worked so I'm miffed.

email: :: blog: John C.
Here! Sorry about that. clicky
I get what you're trying to do now. Ok, so you're needing to create a css variable. I've actually never used these before. Did not think it was even possible.

This jsfiddle shows how it can be done though,

They'd have to use something like var(blublu) though to call the color -- a bit annoying but still easier than using hex colors.

Right now the way you did it, css doesn't see it as a variable at all, but rather a new element.

email: :: blog: John C.
I shall try all that! Thanks a lot~
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