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Nov 18 2010, 02:36 PM
Another "I saw it on another forum" request/suggestion.

It's on vB, and I'm not quite sure how hard it'd be to implement. But I'll grab a screenshot.

See those arrows on the top-right area of the fast reply? Those expand/collapse (to a minimum for collapse) the text area.

I clicked it down 1-2 times for the screenshot.

It's done like this just to allow easy modifications of super long posts. I can see everything I've typed at once and make any changes that need to be made. It's an extremely minor thing, but once I discovered it I've been finding myself using it a LOT. Especially when I'm multi-quoting or need to reply to a really large post all at once.

Here's an example of a post I used it in:

(*nearly 11,000 posts on a gaming forum..yah.. I know I need a life*)
Nov 18 2010, 02:29 PM
Well, I get around on forums a lot... and one particular forum I use has this neat little ability.

For the people who just love to use quick reply - when you quote someone. It quotes into the quick reply, rather than taking you to a new page.

This is the first forum that I've ever seen do that. tongue.gif It makes replying so much faster, because you don't need to load up a new page. I loathe having to use the full editor.
Nov 16 2010, 03:11 AM
Has a Resource Empire banner?

[ I've forgotten what RE is.....pretty sure it's affiliated in some way to Jcink? :s]

Anyways. The options above it (I didn't check below it) all have a customized banner. Not seeing it as a huge issue but just a minor suggestion or something.

I don't even know anymore. Just felt like pointing it out. wacko.gif
Sep 29 2010, 05:07 PM
I could have sworn there was an option for this or a code by someone somewhere, but my memory of that is long gone and so I'll ask here.

Currently a name in a post area only links to their profile when clicked. I know other versions of IPB have this awesome little drop-down menu that appears that lets you Visit Profile, Message User, Email User, among a few other things.

This is how it is currently done:

Yea. I took a picture of how things already can be seen just to show it. Clever right?

See the card/pm/WWW options? They look ugly there and I only actually noticed them after looking for some method to PM a user without first going to their profile.... so I only noticed them upon creating this thread - as I was under the impression I actually had to go to a users profile and scroll down to PM them. =|

Now - I don't have an image manip software otherwise I'd fabricate a picture to show what I mean...and I tried to grab an example and it wasn't quite how I mean. Mouse-overing the name should bring a drop down menu with the options.

I went onto an old forum I used to use that HAD this feature, but it was apparently replaced with this far more annoying mini-profile card thing although similar.

Basically, it works in a similar manner - but that mini-profile card shows too much data. It'd just be a few options..

Oh wait! To another forum I used to frequent! I went to the wrong forum... :x off to smashboards!


I got sidetracked, lots of memories there... I'm SuSa by the way.. smile.gif I'm an unmod (retired staff)

See that drop down?
Sep 28 2010, 01:13 PM
Well, iPBFree had this same issue forever - and it bothered a few people... me being one of them. tongue.gif

After login, the URL decides to repeat itself... here's an example:

I know theres a way to remove the extra

It's not even that major, just a visual annoyance...

If there isn't a way you can fix that and I'm wrong, does it go away if I have my own domain name? May be getting a domain in several months... so if that fixes it, won't be an issue. smile.gif

Yea, I get bothered my small, unimportant things.... sorry. =[
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